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Easter Competitions Entries

A big thank you and well done to all the children who took part in the Easter Competitions. Below are the winners with the reasoning. Further on you can see all the entries.

The Winners

Pictures above are in order of the winners below.


KS1 - Easter Egg: William O - Zebra

We loved this vibrant Easter Egg with a range of bold colours which really stood out to us.  William has used finger painting and worked hard to create an engaging pattern on his egg which was a pleasure to look at - well done, Wiliam!


KS1 - Easter Acrostic Poem: Freya S - Otter

We felt that your longer sentences for this acrostic poem with conjunctions really lead us through the poem.  The final sentence left us with a real cliffhanger...was there an egg left for you?


KS2 - Spring Scene: Harrison L - Giraffe

The idea of a diorama to create an Easter scene was really thinking 'out of the box' and we also loved the idea that you collaborated with your sister to create this spring scene.  This was a very creative entry and included a range of iconic Easter imagery.


KS2 - Easter Poem: Pippa N - Monkey 

This was a lovely poem which was organised into stanzas with clear rhythm and rhyme making it enjoyable to read.  Your organisation of the poem, alongside with the content made it a joyous description of all things Easter!

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