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The areas of physical activity (games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming and outdoor activities) are set out in the Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum 2014. The PE curriculum at Riverside Primary School is based on these requirements. Each year group will learn PE in accordance with the medium term planning. This will ensure continuity and progression through school in order to continue to improve standards in PE.


At Riverside Primary School we aim to provide an education in Physical Education that:

  • Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle in order for the children to:
  • be physically active
  • adopt the best possible posture and appropriate use of the body
  • engage in activities that develop cardio vascular health, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance
  • understand the need for personal hygiene in relation to vigorous physical activity  


Develop positives attitudes by ensuring the children:

  • follow the conventions of fair play and honest competition
  • cope with success and limitations in their performance
  • persevere with and consolidate their performances
  • are mindful of others in their environment


For more information about Riverside's approach to P.E, please refer to the documents below: 


Key Stage 1 Physical Education, Sport and Activity Mark

Riverside Primary are happy to announce that we have recently received the Key Stage 1 Physical Education, Sport and Activity Mark as part of Active Essex. 


"Positive experiences of PE, school sport and physical activity from an early age is so important for many reasons and we really appreciate the work you are doing to ensure children are actively engaging in regular and meaningful activity from the very beginning of their school life."


Well done to the Key Stage 1 staff who help deliver high-level PE and for Miss Livermore and Mr Kirsh for applying for the award on their behalf. 



This week (W/C 07/02/2022), in line with Children's Mental Health Week, Riverside Primary took part in a "Walk&Talk" challenge. This required children to walk in pairs around our playground for a mile and ask each other questions that are on their cards to help encourage conversation amongst peers.



  1. Great exercise and good for the human body
  2. Can make you calmer happier, and reduce stress levels
  3. Can build self-esteem, trust and relationships with friends and family members
  4. A great way to get fresh air and see natural environments
  5. Boost energy and concentration levels for the remainder of the day
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