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Hullbridge Primary School

The original Hullbridge Primary School opened in 1902 and closed in 1971/2. The school was separated into infants and juniors and was renamed Riverside County Infant and Junior Schools.


Hullbridge Primary School SS5 6NDList of Headteachers

  • Mr C Snelgar 1902-1902
  • Mrs E Snelgar 1902-1902 (Acting Head)
  • Mr H Blackeby 1902-1907
  • Mr T Day 1907-1911
  • Mr W Staines 1911-1934
  • Miss Fassom 1934-1940
  • Mrs L Smith 1940-1946
  • Mr O Welbourne 1946-1946
  • Mr F Emeney 1946-1949
  • Mrs L Smith 1950-1962
  • Mr D Hardy 1962-1972


Riverside Infant School

Riverside County Infant School opened in 1971 and closed in 2010. Motto 'Learning for life'.

Riverside Infant School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

List of Headteachers

  • Mr D Hardy 1971 until 1981
  • Mrs L White 1981-2001
  • Mrs L Reck 2001-2008
  • Miss M Jenkins 2008-2010 (Acting Head)


Riverside Junior School

Riverside County Junior School opened in 1972 and closed in 2010. Motto “Success for All”.

Riverside Junior School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

List of Headteachers

  • Mr D Hardy 1972-1981
  • Mr D Leist 1981-2002
  • Miss M Jenkins 2002-2010


In the News:

Vandals wrecked our pool - 2006


Riverside Primary School

Riverside Primary School opened in September 2010, after the amalgamation of the Infants and Juniors. Motto - 'Where everyone matters and every day counts'.

Riverside Primary School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

List of Headteachers

  • Miss M Jenkins 2010-2013
  • Mr A Douglas 2013-2019
  • Mrs C Smith 2019-


In the News:

Hullbridge school celebrates Ofsted report - 2013

MP meets new Headteacher at Riverside Primary School - 2014

Riverside Primary School, in Hullbridge, to keep swimming pool - 2015


Hullbridge Primary School painted by Mr D Hardy
Riverside Infant School sign
Riverside Junior School sign
Riverside logo
Riverside Junior Play Area sign
Pool in need of replacement
Riverside Primary sign outside Old School
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