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In House Compeitions

At present we have the following in house competitions, run by the school.  The top 10 on the Leaderboard will receive a certificate on return to school, they will almost be listed below.


  • Year 2: Time, Money & Add Competition - ends 23rd April 8pm
  • Year 5: Time Competition - ends 23rd April at 10pm


We will be adding more compeitions for other year groups, after the contest below finishes.



Riverside have been entered into the Essex Maths Contest on Sumdog starting 8am 24th April!

The contest ends on 30th April at 8pm.


During the contest,

  • students should simply play Sumdog's mathematics games. As they do so, they'll answer questions that contribute to their score.
  • Your class's score is the average number of correct answers across the students who take part.
  • There's a maximum of 1000 questions for each student - so accuracy is more important than effort!
  • Students can play at home, at any time during the contest week.
  • To qualify for the leaderboards, at least 10 students from a class need to play.


Rewards for students

As a reward for taking part, each student who answers 100 questions will receive an item for their Sumdog House.


How to login to Sumdog

  • Go to and click login
  • Username: computer username 
  • Password: computer password (Years 3-6 tis is without the numbers)
  • School Code: SS56ND


There is also a free app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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