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Year 4 Edison Robot Workshop

As it is National Coding Week, our Year 4 students had a fantastic opportunity to engage in coding workshops led by Dr. Jingyue Zhao, PhD from Computer Xplorers. 


During her visit, our Year 4s were introduced to the fascinating world of coding, where they gained valuable insights and knowledge. They were captivated by the informative session, which covered a multitude of coding concepts. 


The highlight of the workshop was undoubtedly when our young learners got to put their newfound knowledge into action by coding their very own robots! Thanks to Edison robots, a remarkable programmable resource designed specifically for STEM education in coding and robotics, our students were able to explore and experiment with various commands and instructions. It was truly an enriching experience for all involved.


Now, let us share with you some of the astounding comments our children made regarding this coding adventure:

We really enjoyed racing our robots, which we coded.- Abigail C

I loved working in a group to code my robot to move and avoid obstacles. - Seb 

We could control our robots by clapping, speaking and tapping them.- George 

I learnt that AI can control loads of different forms of technology. - Benjamin


We are incredibly proud of our Year 4 students for embracing this opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in the field of coding. We encourage you to continue fostering their passion at home by engaging in coding-related activities or exploring online coding resources. Together, we can inspire and empower them to become proficient and confident coders.


If you want to read more about Edison Robots, please visit  
To find out more about Dr. Jingyue Zhao, PhD from Computer Xplorers, please visit  

The 2 Johns Workshops


Monday was an enriching day of online safety workshops at our primary school, led by the renowned experts, the 2 Johns. The 2 Johns have a remarkable track record of raising awareness about Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE), and their extensive media appearances and school workshops across the UK attest to their dedication in empowering both children and adults to navigate the digital world securely.  All students, from Year 1 to Year 6, participated in engaging sessions that equipped them with valuable insights and skills to stay safe online. Our staff also took part in workshops in the afternoon, ensuring that our school community is well-informed about online safety. In the evening, parents joined the online workshops conducted by the 2 Johns, demonstrating our commitment to fostering a safe online environment for our students. Online safety is not just a part of what we do; it is at the very heart of our mission and serves as the foundation of our computing curriculum. 


Noah: It was great, they really explained everything I needed to know
Millie: It was excellent because it included everything about safety online.
Ben: It’s fun and educational. You’d love to join in.
Seb: It helped me understand more about online safety. 
Sadev: I enjoyed how interactive it was. 
Chloe: I really liked the quiz as it was fun, as online safety is a serious subject

Year 5/6 Micro:bit workshop 

We are thrilled to share the exciting news from this week's workshop with Dr. Jingyue Zhao from ComputerXplorers! The UKS2 students had an amazing time exploring the world of technology and coding with the incredible micro:bit. Here's a recap of the workshop:


Introduction to Micro:bit
The workshop started with a brief introduction to the micro:bit. Dr. Jingyue Zhao explained what a micro:bit is and how it can be used to create various projects. The students were eager to dive into this fascinating world of technology.


Creating Name Badges with Block Programming
Using block programming, our students embarked on a creative journey to design their very own name badges. Many students even took their designs a step further by adding their age and unique icons. They learned to use basic blocks and the concept of a forever loop, allowing their badges to display their information continuously.


Rock, Paper, Scissors with Micro:bit
One of the highlights of the workshop was using the micro:bit to play a digital version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. To make this possible, our students needed to create the algorithm that would govern the game. They used an input event – the shake of the micro:bit – to initiate the game. The students dived into the world of conditional statements, using "If," "Else If," and "Else" to create the decision-making process in their Rock, Paper, Scissors game. This required some critical thinking and problem-solving, and they were up to the challenge. It was amazing to see how quickly they grasped these coding concepts.


Dr. Jingyue Zhao's workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our UKS2 students to explore the micro:bit and gain valuable coding skills. We're extremely proud of their enthusiasm and their ability to adapt to new technology. We hope they'll take these skills with them into future coding adventures!


A big thank you to Dr. Jingyue Zhao from ComputerXplorers for sharing their knowledge and making this workshop such a success. We can't wait to see how our students continue to innovate and create with their newfound coding skills.


Ben: I would recommend this workshop to people who aren’t into electronics because it’s so fun and it would get you into them.


Flo: The best part of the workshop was when you saw it all come together at the end.


Maisie: The workshop showed me how to use a micro:bit and it was very fun, interesting and exciting. The best part was playing rock, paper, scissors on the micro:bit.


Bertie: I learnt how to put my name on a micro:bit and I played rock, paper, scissors with a micro:bit. I recommend this to anyone who likes programming. 


Tyler: The workshop showed me the intelligence of a micro:bit. I would recommend this as it was fun and interesting. It filled my mind with a lot of ideas to use the micro:bit.

KS2 Coding Assembly 


This Tuesday, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Jingyue Zhao from ComputerXplorers for a captivating coding assembly. Dr. Zhao introduced our students to the fascinating world of coding and technology. Here's a glimpse of what we experienced during the assembly:


Understanding AI: A Simple Introduction
To kick off the assembly, we watched a simple yet informative video explaining the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dr. Zhao delved into the world of AI, covering machine learning, the importance of having lots of data, the ability to recognize patterns, and the incredible power of prediction. Our students were given a taste of the incredible advancements in technology, leaving them inspired and curious about the possibilities AI holds.


Hearing from Industry Experts
Our students had the unique opportunity to hear from industry experts who shared their personal journeys into the world of coding. These experts talked about why they got into coding and how it has transformed their lives. It was a powerful reminder of the endless opportunities and career prospects that coding can open up for our students in the future.


Exploring Creativity in Minecraft and Alice 3D - VR
The assembly also featured videos showcasing the creativity of children who had made remarkable creations in Minecraft and Alice 3D - VR. It was incredible to see the limitless potential of coding in unleashing creativity. Our students were encouraged to explore and experiment with these platforms, sparking their creativity and imagination.


Creating Your Own Mobile Phone Apps
One of the highlights of the assembly was a demonstration of how you can create your very own mobile phone apps. The students were introduced to the world of app development and saw how coding can be used to bring their innovative ideas to life in the form of mobile applications.


Dr. Jingyue Zhao's assembly provided us with a sneak peek into what a potential coding club at Riverside might entail. The assembly emphasised the importance of learning how to code and showcased the exciting possibilities it offers. 


We're thrilled to announce that Dr. Zhao is considering running a coding club here at Riverside. This could be a fantastic opportunity for our students to further explore their coding interests and develop their skills.


We look forward to more exciting coding adventures and opportunities in the future. Stay tuned for updates on the potential coding club, and let's continue to inspire our students to embrace the world of coding and technology!

Year 3 Festive Coding Extravaganza

We are thrilled to share the exciting news about Year 3's recent adventure into the world of coding! In a special live lesson, our talented young minds embarked on a festive coding extravaganza, where they harnessed their programming prowess to create unique Christmas decorations using Micro:bits.


A Journey into Coding Wonderland:
The live lesson provided an immersive experience for our Year 3 students as they dove into the captivating realm of coding. Under the guidance of our dedicated teachers, the children explored the versatile Micro:bit platform, a pocket-sized computer designed to introduce coding and electronics in a creative and engaging way.


Unleashing Creativity with Micro:bits:
Armed with their coding skills and a sprinkle of holiday spirit, our budding programmers set out to design and program Micro:bits to bring Christmas decorations to life. From twinkling lights to animated snowflakes, the children translated their imaginative visions into tangible, glowing creations.


Collaborative Learning and Festive Fun:
The live lesson wasn't just about coding; it was a collaborative journey filled with laughter, teamwork, and festive fun. Students worked together, sharing ideas and troubleshooting challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.


Empowering Future Innovators:
This hands-on coding experience not only sparked creativity but also empowered our Year 3 students to think critically, solve problems, and express themselves through technology. The festive project served as a fantastic introduction to the world of coding and digital creation, laying the foundation for potential future innovators.


Showcasing Their Masterpieces:
As the live lesson concluded, the students proudly showcased their Micro:bit-powered Christmas decorations. The classrooms are now adorned with their festive creations, spreading holiday cheer and showcasing the incredible talent within Year 3.


‘ I liked making the snowflakes.’
‘ I enjoyed getting my decoration to light up’
‘ It was great when I was able to make the lights flash on my decoration.’


The festive spirit is truly alive in Year 3, where coding and Christmas joy have come together in a brilliant display of innovation! If you want to have a go at coding, Micro:bit have an online simulator that can be found here:

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