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Within the new EYFS curriculum the ‘Technology’ strand has been removed from ‘Understanding the World’ and has not been replaced with any updated guidance. However, computing and technology are still vitally important subjects to teach to Foundation children. Teaching computing within the curriculum ensures that children enter Year 1 with a strong foundation of knowledge.

Computing lessons in the EYFS also ensure that children develop listening skills, problem-solving abilities and thoughtful questioning — as well as improving subject skills across the seven areas of learning.


We live in a technological world and there is no escape from the reality that technology is integrated into the lives of young children.

Just as we ensure the children in our care are ready for the adult world by teaching them maths and literacy, we should also make sure that they are fluent in computer literacy and all-important online safety.


Barefoot computing unplugged EYFS


What is Computational Thinking?
‘Computational Thinking’ is a set of problem solving skills that we can use in everyday life.
Computational Thinking is a set of problem solving skills we can learn away from the computer. When children are older they will start to use their Computational Thinking skills to create computer systems that are part of solutions to problems - but not quite in Early Years. We might use online activities now and then to practise some aspects of Computational Thinking skills, but in EYFS we can learn Computational Thinking without computers. This is called an ‘unplugged’ approach.

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