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Our Curriculum


At Riverside Primary School, we are committed to providing our children with a high quality education through which every child reaches and exceeds their full potential. Our staff have high expectations of all children regarding their academic, social, emotional and spiritual development reflected in our motto: ‘Where everyone matters and every day counts’


The Early Years and Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum are our starting point for planning a curriculum that meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of children. Children usually learn within the context of a theme, offering them a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum. We use a clear skills progression in line with the National Curriculum which ensures continuity, progression and high expectations across the school in all subjects. The needs and abilities of all groups of children are considered when planning and delivering lessons. In order to bring curriculum to life we aim to support our themes through the use of a wide range of visits and visitors. These include local visits within the immediate area as well as day trips and also extended residential visits. 


We aim to give all our children the opportunity to succeed and reach the highest level of personal achievement. 


Our curriculum priorities are: STAR

  • Strive: For our children to believe that through hard work and determination they can achieve the goals that they set themselves to become the best they can.
  • Tolerance: To ensure our children are respectful to others and treat everybody equally. We will offer experiences for our children which encourage them to be considerate, thoughtful and that will make them aware of and celebrate the diverse society we live in.
  • Achieve: For all of our children to make good progress from their starting points both personally and academically. We will provide experiences which broaden our children’s horizons and show our children the wide range of possibilities available for their future
  • Resilience: For our children to be able to work through challenges with a positive mindset; to think creatively and to problem-solve.


For more information about our curriculum, please feel free to contact our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Watts. 


If you require paper copies of any of the information on this website, please contact us. Copies can be provided free of charge. 

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