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Our Curriculum


At Riverside Primary School, we are committed to providing our children with a high quality education through which every child reaches and exceeds their full potential. Our staff have high expectations of all children regarding their academic, social, emotional and spiritual development reflected in our motto: ‘Where everyone matters and every day counts’



Our school values are: STAR

  • Strive: For our children to believe that through hard work and determination they can achieve the goals that they set themselves to become the best they can.
  • Tolerance: To ensure our children are respectful to others and treat everybody equally. We will offer experiences for our children which encourage them to be considerate, thoughtful and that will make them aware of and celebrate the diverse society we live in.
  • Achieve: For all of our children to make good progress from their starting points both personally and academically. We will provide experiences which broaden our children’s horizons and show our children the wide range of possibilities available for their future
  • Resilience: For our children to be able to work through challenges with a positive mindset; to think creatively and to problem-solve.


We want our children to have big ambitions and high expectations of themselves. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that all of our children are given the opportunities to excel, regardless of their starting points or background. We are committed to providing a curriculum that is broad and balanced and provides our pupils with opportunities to gain essential knowledge, skills and understanding which will enable them to flourish and reach their full potential both academically and personally. Whilst our curriculum encompasses the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, our vision is to provide our children with a range of learning experiences beyond the classroom which inspire our children and help shape their futures. Alongside teaching the requirements of the national curriculum, key drivers have been identified. We have prioritised the key knowledge, skills and aspirations we want our children to experience and develop during their time with us. We use these 'drivers' to underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched: these key drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area. The following key drivers underpin our learning and are developed through the school:


Knowledge of the World

  • Our curriculum provides a coherent, progressive and appropriately sequenced curricular structure to enable our pupils to develop subject-specific knowledge and skills to prepare them well for the next stages of their education, as well as opportunities to build schema within and across subjects
  • Children will work hard to remember what has been taught and use that to deepen their understanding across the curriculum, building on what they already know
  • Children will understand the considerable value of knowledge and apply it to their learning
  • As our children progress through school, they will become equipped with ‘cultural capital’ which is the essential knowledge of the world children need for inference and understanding and are vital in reducing social inequalities.



  • Our children will develop the ability to express themselves clearly and effectively
  • We know that having a broad vocabulary aids both understanding of language and self-expression. Therefore, our curriculum is language-rich, involves the use of high-quality texts, promotes an inquisitive approach to language and provides opportunities to practise and apply new vocabulary. We want our children to be able to offer their opinions and reason articulately whilst also being able to debate a topic or viewpoint and disagree respectfully
  • In all areas of their lives, we want our children to have the skills necessary to have a voice
  • We recognise the importance of encouraging our children to become avid readers
  • Our children will develop their reading skills to become confident in reading accurately, fluently and widely
  • Enable our children to communicate in writing clearly, confidently and appropriately, demonstrating an awareness of a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Provide real life situations, affording our children the opportunity to develop a range of strategies and skills, which will enable them to function in society as literate adults
  • For our children to develop a genuine love of writing and an appreciation of its value, so that children choose to write and are able to organise and structure a variety of texts, whilst developing their imagination and critical awareness. This will help to assist the children in becoming independent writers.


Global Citizens

  • Our children will develop a secure understanding of the local community; our national context; the wider world and their role as a world citizen
  • Our children will have a sense of pride in their local area and to positively contribute to their local community
  • Through a growing appreciation of different cultures and traditions, we want our children to develop respect; we want them to embrace and celebrate diversity and know what it takes to be a good citizen 
  • Our children will have an awareness of global issues and take responsibility for the environment, knowing that working collaboratively with others will help to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
  • Through links with local and national organisations, including businesses, cultural organisations and faith groups, our children will broaden their horizons and have experiences they may otherwise not have. We recognise that trips and visiting speakers significantly enhance this aspect of the curriculum.


Health and Wellbeing

  • It is important to us that all members of our school community are healthy - physically and mentally. Throughout life, our children will face many difficult challenges and need to have the mental and physical strength to be successful and happy
  • We recognise the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles in school and want our pupils to develop an increased understanding of the many different factors that contribute to keeping healthy
  • Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to learn about their physical health, what constitutes a balanced diet and how exercise benefits the body
  • In addition, our children will have a developing understanding of how to maintain good mental health. Our curriculum, therefore, teaches an understanding of emotions, promotes resilience and encourages an open approach to discussing worries or concerns
  • Our curriculum also includes opportunities for our children to learn how to keep themselves safe in all areas of life. An important element of this includes safety online and when communicating using technology
  • Creativity is encouraged in all areas: the arts are an important aspect of school life and we recognise the important role they can play in the wellbeing of our children.



  • Our curriculum will help children develop an awareness of all the opportunities out there for them in the world around them- both now and in their future
  • Children will be ambitious and challenge themselves
  • Children will take ownership of learning and see themselves as learners
  • We will help children learn more about their own talents and abilities with the aim of instilling greater self-confidence
  • Our curriculum will excite and motivate children about their learning by linking and embedding in the curriculum strong connections between education and the world of work
  • Our curriculum will help children see a clear link and purpose between their learning experiences and their future
  • Our curriculum will challenge stereotypes that children often have about jobs and the people who do them



    For more information about our curriculum, please feel free to contact our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Watts. 


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