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Year 2

Autumn 1 - Online Safety

In this unit, children learn about how what they do online leaves a trail called a digital footprint. They will look at how to improve the efficiency of their online searches, the types of websites that are best for children to access when looking for information, as well as how to identify inappropriate content and the actions they should take if they do. Children will be introduced to the term ‘cyberbullying’ and look at how they should communicate online and deal with instances of people being unkind via digital means.

Autumn 2 - Computer Art

This ‘Computer Painting’ unit will teach your class key skills that will support progression within the KS1 Computing curriculum. The children will have the opportunity to learn about reproducing the painting styles of great artists using computer programs. Each lesson focuses upon a different artist and their particular style. The children will use this as inspiration for mastering specific techniques within design-based software. At the end of the unit your class will have the opportunity to use a mixture of the styles and skills learnt within this topic to produce their own computer-painted masterpiece!

Ways to support at home 
Windows Paint (alternatives include Doddle Buddy for iPads and PicsArt for Android tablets)

Spring 1 - Presentation Skills

Lessons 1 and 6 focus on important computer skills needed for safe and effective computer use and introduce some further skills concerning the use of folders, searching for files and printing. Lessons 2-5 introduce children to presentations and teach the skills needed to create a simple presentation.


Ways to support at home

Google Slides

Spring 2 - Preparing for Turtle

This unit has two main aims, to enable children to create, test and debug algorithms, and preparing children to use the language of Turtle Logo. The children begin by giving and following instructions to move forward and make quarter turns, followed by walking different rectilinear shapes. The language is extended to use the main Turtle Logo commands. Children will create, text and debug algorithms for shapes and routes around school in preparation for using the commands in online programs such as Turtle Logo/Logo Interpreter or MSWLogo.

Summer 1 - Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch

This Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch unit will teach your class to create and debug algorithms. Following on from the earlier Year 2 unit on Preparing for Turtle Logo, the children use the basic commands in Logo to move and draw using the turtle on screen, and then further develop algorithms using the “repeat” command. These skills are then developed by teaching children to create algorithms in Scratch using a selection of blocks.

Summer 2 - Using the Internet

This unit introduces children to using the Internet safely and with a purpose. Children are shown how to search the Internet using one word; how to make sense of the returned results; how to use “for kids” to return more suitable results; how to follow links and return to the search results. Children are encouraged to use a range of search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, and some more child-friendly engines like Kidrex. (Note: many of the child-friendly searches use Google.) The children then learn to blog safely and responsibly. The focus of the lessons is less on the technical aspects, which will vary according to which blogging site is used, and more on how to blog in a safe and responsible way, looking at how to blog well, and how to post and respond to comments effectively.

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