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UKS2 Microbit Workshop

We are thrilled to share the exciting news from this week's workshop with Dr. Jingyue Zhao from ComputerXplorers! The UKS2 students had an amazing time exploring the world of technology and coding with the incredible micro:bit. Here's a recap of the workshop:


Introduction to Micro:bit
The workshop started with a brief introduction to the micro:bit. Dr. Jingyue Zhao explained what a micro:bit is and how it can be used to create various projects. The students were eager to dive into this fascinating world of technology.


Creating Name Badges with Block Programming
Using block programming, our students embarked on a creative journey to design their very own name badges. Many students even took their designs a step further by adding their age and unique icons. They learned to use basic blocks and the concept of a forever loop, allowing their badges to display their information continuously.


Rock, Paper, Scissors with Micro:bit
One of the highlights of the workshop was using the micro:bit to play a digital version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. To make this possible, our students needed to create the algorithm that would govern the game. They used an input event – the shake of the micro:bit – to initiate the game. The students dived into the world of conditional statements, using "If," "Else If," and "Else" to create the decision-making process in their Rock, Paper, Scissors game. This required some critical thinking and problem-solving, and they were up to the challenge. It was amazing to see how quickly they grasped these coding concepts.


Dr. Jingyue Zhao's workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our UKS2 students to explore the micro:bit and gain valuable coding skills. We're extremely proud of their enthusiasm and their ability to adapt to new technology. We hope they'll take these skills with them into future coding adventures!


A big thank you to Dr. Jingyue Zhao from ComputerXplorers for sharing their knowledge and making this workshop such a success. We can't wait to see how our students continue to innovate and create with their newfound coding skills.


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