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Year 5/6 Year A

Autumn 1 - Online Safety

In this unit, children will learn about email safety with a focus on preventing and dealing with spam. They will consider the importance of strong passwords and learn how to create them. Children will build on their knowledge of plagiarism and fair use of people’s work by learning how to write citations and references for websites they may use. They will scrutinise photographs that they see online and learn how easy it is to manipulate pictures and present them as reality.

Autumn 2 - Flowol

This unit introduces children to flowcharts and how they are used to program and control devices. Lessons are designed to be used with Flowol software (version 4.0), which includes simulations of real life automatic computer systems. Children are taught to build sequences of instructions, control multiple outputs and structure algorithms with decisions and inputs. Although many external hardware interfaces can be attached and linked to a computer using Flowol, this unit is designed as an introduction to the software and the concepts of flowchart programming. Further learning can be extended by using external devices.


Ways to support at home 

Spring 1 - Radio Stations

This unit allows children to use software and digital devices for recording sound. Based around the theme of a Radio Station, it is designed to encourage a creative approach that includes interviewing, making adverts and using jingles. Other software is incorporated where children write scripts and design additional advertising for their Radio Station. Opportunities are included for children to present, listen, review and evaluate their own content as well as professional and commercial examples, plus those created by their peers.

As part of our radio stations unit in computing, Year 5 had a visit from Chris Brooks on Wednesday 2nd February. Chris hosts The Big Drive Home on Radio Essex. He talked to the children about how he got started working on a radio station. He discussed the significance of maths (to work out timings of the show) and English (to be able to compose scripts). He also discussed the legal aspects of working in live radio and emphasised the importance of adhering to all of the laws while on air. He described the planning process he goes through before starting the show as well as some of the technology that is utilised to create it. He also talked about the team of people involved behind the scenes. The children had a chance to question Chris as the session came to a close.

Spring 2 - Internet Research and Website Design

This unit combines the further development of children's skills for searching the Internet  with the introduction of creating and editing a webpage using Google Sites. Children will learn how to use some of the other advanced search features in Google, such as fill in the blanks; and how to create a webpage with a layout of their choosing which includes images and links to other webpages. Children are encouraged to consider related e-safety issues such as use of logins and passwords, and the use of their own images and photos and those of others.

Summer 1 - 3D Modelling

In this unit the children extend their drawing skills to create 3D models based on using the software SketchUp Make. This is a free application available for download on Windows or OSX (Mac). Children will learn how to create simple and complex 3D models. They will be able to add detail and manipulate 3D models using a variety of tools.

Summer 2 - Scratch 3.0 Developing Games

This unit builds on the previous unit in Year 4 (Questions and Quizzes). In this unit about Coding with Scratch: Developing Games, children will learn how to design their own backdrop with increasing complexity. They will also learn how to code a sprite to move when certain keys on a keyboard are pressed. Children will also become familiar with if, then statements to create conditions with a game.

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