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Breakfast & Twilight Club

At Riverside, we understand the families often need ‘wraparound’ care for their children before and after school hours. 


Please make payments through ParentPay, if you have any queries please email

Breakfast Club

We offer a ‘Breakfast’ club, which runs from 7.30am daily and is run by school staff. We supply a breakfast with choices of toast, crumpets, cereal and fruit as well as water, milk or fruit juice to drink. Whilst at the club, your child can take part in many different activities.


When it is time for registration, your child will be accompanied by an adult and taken to their class. The cost for our breakfast club is £4.00 per session.


Breakfast Club will cost £5.00 per session from 1st September 2022

Twilight Club

We also provide an after school ‘Twilight Club’ which is also run by staff from within school.


There are two options for families either;

  • Short session -  £4.00 per session which finishes at 4.30pm
  • Long session - £7.00 per session which finishes at 5.45pm.


As of the 1st September 2022

  • Short session -  £4.50 per session which finishes at 4.30pm
  • Long session - £8.00 per session which finishes at 5.45pm.


Children are collected from their classes and are taken to the club. They then get a healthy snack and drink, any children staying for the long session will also be given a cooked meal at 5.00pm. They can also bring a packed tea if you would prefer.


Twilight Club Menu

Click on any text with an 🔗 for ingredients for allergens.


All children (Short or Long) receive a snack on arrival. Selection of Crackers, Bread & Fresh Fruit 🔗



Option 1

Option 2

Monday 🔗

Mash & Sweetcorn

Sandwich/Toasted Sandwich

Fruit & Yoghurt

Tuesday 🔗

Pasta in Tomato & Herb Sauce

Sandwich/Toasted Sandwich

Fruit & Yoghurt

Wednesday 🔗

Chicken Nuggets

Chips & Peas

Sandwich/Toasted Sandwich

Fruit & Yoghurt

Thursday 🔗

Fish Fingers

Waffles & Beans

Sandwich/Toasted Sandwich

Fruit & Yoghurt

Friday 🔗


Sandwich/Toasted Sandwich

Fruit & Yoghurt

Selection of desserts; cakes, biscuits & yoghurts.🔗


If you are running late picking up your child, please ring 07597 007571

24 hours notice is required to cancel Twilight Club, otherwise you will still be charged foe the session.

Visits: 1 7 1 9 9 3